Awesome Walks

Join us on one of our awesome walks. A great way to stay in shape, relax your mind, meet new people and visit some of the most stunning views in the area!


Whether its a local walk, walk in the peak district or a challenge walk. We have great walks right for you!

Couch to 5K running group - Old Basford - A great way to start running and get In fitter, healthier and more awesome! A friendly running group lead by Paul Hopkins will coach you all the way. Ideal for people wanting to start running and get fit! Join us every Monday and Wednesday @ 6:30pm.

Couch To 5K Runners
What can we do to help make you feel healthier, happier and an awesome version of you?

Feed up of going to the gym and not getting the results you want? Do you go to the gym and feel overwhelmed and intimidated by the whole experience? Do you put off going and say i'll go tomorrow? Don't know where to start to get yourself feeling fitter? Try our non gym supportive personal training sessions! Start your journey to a better you and book your free online or in person consultation today! 

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